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oh, take off the beeper! other people live here! captioned by the national captioning institute listed as 10 and a half oont favorites over the browns. up next the "late edition" with jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd. and it starts right now. >> bad roads. how the baltimore area ranks and what being done to make the ride -moother. >> recession redecorating. how much of your tax dollars were spent to spruce up one city official's office..3 >> a superbug is now spreading. where it can be found in the u.s. and worries about mutttion.
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-> and paris hilton kicked out of japan. why immigratioo gave her the boot. >> live, in high definitioo, from wbff tv in ballimore, this -ssfoxx45 news "late edition". >> heelo again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i will jeff barndd if you drive in the baltimore area this may come as no >> the area has some of the worst roads in the country. but now a new study reveals what bad roadd areecosting you. jeff abell has the price tagg >> liiten closely. to the sounds of frustration. >> potholes are unrepaired. you have some people that may not see it in the last minute. they shift over and there is an are in poor condition. in tte country..3 >> streets are bumpy and everything. but man it will cost me some money. there is a price to pay for
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rough roads. forever see the results of all of those bumps in the roads. >> one time this lady hit a pothole and lose control and hit somebody else. >> and cost of repairs is soaring. in fact, the same study by the transportation research groou estimates baltimore motorists are spending an extra $603 a year n repairs because of broken roadways. >> it ccst me to do repairs. repaars now a days, if you are not going to a back alley mechanic, you are going to a reputable dealership they will charge for you parts and labor. >> the study blames the crumblinn roadways on budgee shhrtfalls.3 and until the economy is jump staated it cculd e a rough road ahead. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition".3 >> well tonighh a spokesperson3 for the baltimore city transportation department is ttking issue with the survey. saying that it covers the entire metro area not just the city. and it is based on old data.
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>> we would say that ittis not a fair representation of baltimore city. given the fact that we have3 focused and concentrated on oor roadways, very, very, mostly in the lasttthree years. and we continue to do thht. >> the survey said the worst roads in the country, san jose, california. >> first on fox. ú%ltimore a endured a bad budget season but it did not keep a thousands of dollars on a new office. pictures obtained by fox 45ú news,,clearly show the renovated city office of former public works director david scott. taxpayers were billeddmore than $20,000 to overhaul scott's oofice. this room includes a stonewall, hardwood floors and zebra rug. scott that served in former mayor sheila dixonns cabinet was forced out this summer. the new public works director alreadyyreplaced scott's carved government accountable and you
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can help us out by joining our if you see government waste call our hotline. you can also go to waste watch. >> new tonight. city police shoot and kill two search warrant. detectives seized a large amount of heroin from the home on westlandville strret two pitbulls were nside.. >> howard county police are searching for this man. ú%ey are calling him the preppy burglar. he wws caught on camera breaking into a highhand home. on september 14. if you recognizeetheeguy, or if you hhvener inffrmation at all call the tip line att410313 and you could be eligible for a reward. >> shoppers at mondom min mall are warned to be vigilant after %-of the year there were eight
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robberies at the mall. police say the latest on sunday at a jewelry stooe. where robbbrs got way with $100,000 worth oo ewelry. occur during the day. and the criminals follow a paatern. >> well there are some that pass notes, group of suspects that buy atches and produce a >> police have idennified suspects in some of the robberies, they are now working with tte mall to beef up security patrols, and, of course, undercover police officers. >> police are looking for a robber that attacked a woman in edgewood. this man wassin a car with the drivvr asked the victim if she wanted a ride. once the victim got in, she was robbed and tased. but managed to get away. annyne with information should call the harford county sheriff's departmeet. teacher's aide accused of
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abusing a 8-year-old girl is in the hands of a judge. karl walkkr wrote if you have 50 to 60 sexually exploit police sit letterr to this girl duriig the time at bryant woods elementary. no physical abuse, but they sayú it covers emotional abuse as well. verdict by friday. >> suupect accused in a murder-for-hire plot strikes a deal as the trial is supposed to begin. 28-year-old mathew brown was3 charged with first-degree murder %-william porter. the death ofú brown is one of six people that planned porter's killing. porter was shot to death in %-station in hess gas another suspect shame mus coil was found guilty on monday. >> a former navy lacrosse player among those killed in yesterday's helicopter crash in afghanistan. brendan loonee one of nine coalition serrice members killed. looney grew up in silver spring and was a graduate of damath
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that high school, then he attended the .s. navvl academy where he and his two brothers all played for the navy lacrosse team. >> a fierce fight on capitol hill over transparency in corporate campaign fiiancing. democratic senator chuck shurmur urging republicans tooback the disclose act. bill would make organizations running political ads come clean about backers. but republicans say this is pure politics. and democrats should focus %-issue.on the poor economy. in facc, senate republicans should love this bill. because ii increases transppreecy. something many of them have favored in the past. >> the bill paased the house last year, but id not in the senate. a vote is set for thursday. casino is now scheduled to opene a week from tomorrow. ttey are putting the finishing
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touches oo the hollywood casino in perryville off 95 ii cecil county. today members of the slots commission took a tour of the ú%sino offering 1500 slots. %-the first out of the gate. be happy for obviously as a company. aaddhappy for the city of perryville, cecil couuty and maryland as a whole. >> the cecil county slots casino is company expected to employ 350 people. >> it heated up today before thh storms tonight. >> we have less than 90 secondd left in the summer seasoo. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the latest. hard to believe. >> summer is going by. welcoming in the fall season. autumn. autumnal eqqiiox about tt take place. and it looks like autumn is bringing in thunderstorms. heavy rain ppshed thrruuh. frequent liihtning. most of the activity on the h.d. %-south of dover.ern shore, lineeis vigooous on the open waters of the atlantic. as we put ttis in motion.
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with strong storrs over new jersey. through wilmington. they had gusty thunderstorms and lots of lightning with this system. but it looks like most of the ú%tivity will continue to push east. making he way to clearing overnight tonight. anndtomorrow morning, around 73. to start the morning commute. thhn by noon, already at we could get up to about 90 degrees. very close to it. as that heat conttnues, and i will show you how long the heat stiiks around as we head to tte weekend. in thh seven-day forecast. >> conceen a superbug from indii is spreadiig. where it is found in the u.s.. and here he is about mutatioo. >> new book by bob wwodward ignites debate in washington, the quotes from thh ppesident that have the critics jumping on his choice of worrs. >> between the heart and passion, and the street credit this is a richter scale event. >> american dol new ♪ [ monkey cheeps ]
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experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ iinites the debate in washington, d.c..about president obama's and the afghanistan war. craiggboswell reports tonight the book goes inside of last year's decision toostay with our >> in the book, obama's wars, the president is quoted saying we can absorb a terrorist attack. we will o everything we can to prevent it. but even a 9/11, even the
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biggest attack evee we absorbed it and strongerr homeland security janet napolitano said it in a slightly different waa in testimony before a senate panel today about efforts to stop attacks nine years after 9/11. >> we re and will continue to do everything in our power to prevent attacks. but i want to emphasize, that it is impossible to guarantee that there will never be anothee attack. >> some republicans are jumping on the president's choice of wordss >> the notion that a president would say that, in that kind of callouu and just utterly robotic way, i think, is further indicction that obama is simply not qualified to be commander and chief. >> other quotes in the book3 highlight deep divisions between the white house and top military advisers during war council meetings last year. book said the president -xpressed concern about losing the support of democrats, and said he wanted an exit strategy rather than escalation..3 president is quoted saying i am not doing long-term nation
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$1 trillion. >> the ccuntry is weary of unfunded war that seems to be going on forever. president is right to make sure in a twenty eight brings thetegy public alongg >> wwite house said the debates and disagrrements in the book are not new and believe president obama is shown astra teenage and i can decisive. craig boswell chan fox news. >> egg farmers got grilled by lawmakers innwashington today. as they try to find the source of the salmonella outbreak that poisoned hundreds of people. >> during the night i woke up vomiting and had severe diarrhe3 so bad, i was so beeond embarrassed to have to ask my husband for help. >> more than alf a million eggs egg and hill lan dale farms,y investtgators traced back multiple cases of salmonella poisoning to hen houses. >> i was disgusted to find live
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mice, infestation of flies, mountains of manure and other unsanitary conditions in iowa hen housss. >> egg farr owners believe the meal and bone meal in the chicken feed is where the contamination originateed. cdc said antibiotic resistant bacteria ii spreading worldwide. originateddin indiana and spread all over the world, including 35 states in the uus. as the bug continues to mutate and infect people without antibiotics. theesick must depend on their own immune systems and then fend for ttemselves. >> we do notthave drugs for thhse multi-drug resistant super if a bug is causing a major disease and yoo do not treat it, 20 percent might get better. 80 percent may go on to die. >> most f tte cases nvolve people who were treated in indian hospitals but the bug ii easily transferable. %->> go straaght to chief region
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meteorologist vytas reid with a look at this weekend. >> we are talking about first of all, season change. and that occurred about five minutes agoo so autumn has officially begun. and it happened at about 11:zero 9:00 pm. this evening. just a few minutes ago. so goodbye ssmmer, hello fall.3 ww have to feel like summer out there with the temperatuues warm. skyccm shows clear conditions right now. but we had heavy rain awhile ago. 75 degrees. humidity levels at 74 percent. high on the almanac page 91 degrees. hot day. precipitation not much recorded out at the airport. downtown. but some areas got some heavier3 northern baltimore county. carroll county. harford county. heavy amounts of thunderstorm activity and that pushed east as we have gone through l the evening hours. state temperatures. 98 in winchesser. almost 100. and 95 in hagerstown. ú% in d.c. 91 in baltimore. and it looks like we will not
12:46 am
get that hot. it will be in thh upper 80s, lower 90s. but hot temperatures. 75 in baltimore. 79 in d.c. 73 in hagerssown. continue to see cooling tonight. acrrss the region. now that the frontal boundary rain cooled aii. but meandering back north. because we will see it retract ú%at and back north. temperatures to build in. and hot air in from the midwest and takes our temperatures into the lower 90s agaan. the clear out for plenty of sunshine. for thursday. and then you see to friday. more sunshine. warm front pushes through the great lakes. and then the next front starts to approach us. as we get to saturday. sunday that. takes our temperatures back down to where the rain should be for this time of yearr 89 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 91 friday with more sunshine. thhn 81 on su saturday with the front pushing thrrugh. get maybe clouds out of the syssem. and on sunday. right now it still looks like maybe we will see mostly cloudy skies. 71. decent day for the game. monday night maybe a few spotty
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showers in the forecast. >> opportunity came p. you know, i kind of raised my eyebrows. like . . . >> worst kept secret in hollywood. --lo and stephen tyler join american dol. one unfamiliar face among them that wiil be a new addition to the idol crew. who he is and how the liieup %> ravens are bumming for sure over the loss to the cincinnati
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>> a hollywood socialite guilty drug plea bars her from entering japaa. >> paris hilton was detain inn3 tokyo yesterdaa. the ay after she pled guilty to japan has sttict immigration laws which deny entry to people3 convicced of drug offenses. although the terms of hillon's sentences do not restrict the country's laws and boarded a
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plane home. she was there on business..3 >> she thought it was like reallyyhot. >> this is nur new american idol, worst kept secret in the but j-lo and stephen ttler join randy at the judge's table.ú nigel liveco is returring. and if you wonder who the forth person woull be, it issrecording executive jimmy ivan. >> everyone wantt to know if ii is the samee nothing could be the same for 10 years, or do you mean to failure. >> ivan will act as in house mentor and showw back stage with the contestants throughout the american idol season. >> and now here is our question will the addition of j-lo and stephen tyler make you more likely to watch. 30 percent say yes. 70 percent say no. laura writes, less likely. i wanted harry connick jr. and gordon writes i may tune in but since simon left my love for the show left too.
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>> it has been a long couple of days, to the ravens. on mooday they looked to pay for their loss to the bengals and then had all day tuesday to stew ú% what they ssw. and suffice to say, they hit the practice field today with plenty of fire. any given sunday and all of that. but the loss of the bengals3 hurr. left the ffeld in cincinnati feeling they were the better teamm ú%t ssore board disagreed. this sunday the browns. ú% home. first regular season game of he year at m&t and looking to go things back on track this weekend. >> right now i feel like we arr at a point, in our team, that we can build from. you know, we hit a little stumble but we will regroup. we know with offense we have the ggys to ggt it corrected. we are not a offense that points fingers. we look at this -- we look at the fiim and learn together. >> we are not wwrried about joo. joe is a conffdent guy. he knows he has the ability and he will bounce back. there are weeks when we come oot
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here and we will talk about how great joe is. not being hard on him.3 we have his back. you know, there is games he will be a great quarterback in the league. >> heading into the seassn, cornerback was supposed to be a weak spot but play oo washington and carr has made it big but. and today it got stronger. this guy, veteran keri williams that played well in the preseason was officially reinstated by the nfl. after serving a two game suspension, for violating the league's conduct policy. there was an incident with a significant other last year while he was witt tennessee. john harbaugh said it is not clear how williams willlbe used initially. but elsie accion. veteran safety hamlin was released to create william's roster spot. >> mmanwhile he is one offthe more better members of the ravens but we will not hear from derrick mason the rest of the season. he s through talking to the media until the end of the year. and ppty because he is a bright
12:54 am
guy. that won the media goodbye award in 2007. when asked if this pooicy was a joke. he just repeated what he said earlier. he is not talking. but he will keep the radio show. >> after months of negotiations terrapins landed a home-and-home series with a big nameein coolege football. terps and longhorns agreed to two year home-and-home beginning in 2017. terps play host that yearrwith tte game shifting to austinnthe next year. both games are season opener. two teams do have a history. ú%e longhorns winning all three previous meetings. the last in 978. at the sun bowl. >> and that is sports. back to you.
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>> final look at he seven-day forecast. with sunshine tomorrow. 89 to 90. 91 by friday with more sunshine saturday coolinggdownna bit. in the lower 80ss.3 partly cloudy. mostly cloudy sunday. ravens day 71 degrees. comfortable and cool. and we could see the 70s warming back up through the work weekk but showers late monday night, tuesday to wednesday. %->> thank you, vytas. that does it for the "late ú%ition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tune in toofox 45 news morning news starting at 5 a.m. have a great night. real time closed captioning provideddby u.s. captioningg,
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